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The 9th Shimla Running And Living 25K Sep 24th 2017s

Date : 24'th September 2017
Time : 6:00 AM
Running Distance Start Time Description Registration Fee
18% GST
24'th Sep 2017, 06:00 AM Rs2100+ till end Aug when online regn closes. Rs 2500 all inclusive for last minute regn at expo at Ashiana Restaurant at Ridge on Sat 23rd Sept - 9am - 12 noon Rs. 2100.00
24'th Sep 2017, 06:00 AM Rs1800+ till end Aug when online regn closes. Rs 2200 all inclusive for last minute regn at expo at Ashiana Restaurant at Ridge on Sat 23rd Sept - 9am - 12 noon Rs. 1800.00
24'th Sep 2017, 06:00 AM Rs1200+ till end Aug when online regn closes. Rs 1500 all inclusive for last minute regn at expo at Ashiana Restaurant at Ridge on Sat 23rd Sept - 9am - 12 noon Rs. 1200.00
24'th Sep 2017, 07:00 AM Rs 900+ till end Aug when online regn closes. Rs 1200 all inclusive for last minute regn at expo at Ashiana Restaurant at Ridge on Sat 23rd Sept - 9am - 12 noon Rs. 900.00
Rs.550+ till end Aug when online regn closes. Rs 700 all inclusive for last minute regn at expo at Ashiana Restaurant at Ridge on Sat 23rd Sept - 9am - 12 noon
Rs. 550.00
Dear user if you are registering for another person(Family/Friend) then create/login into his account to register them.

The course:
The course is very tough - train well with hill training or a load on your back, Acclimatise well before the run, get used to the altitude.

8-shimla-25k-mapThe course starts at the spectacular Ridge at the Top of the Mall and winds down past Historic buildings of Shimla to the scenic PeterHof Hotel. The 6km runners take a U turn from here and come back to finish at the Ridge.

The Half Marathoners, 25K runners, and the 13km runners go right, down to Annadale on their way to the Peterhof from the Ridge. A continuous descent of 4 km later they see the green golf range and the army museum, and then come face to face with the incredibly steep climb back up - of 1km. Don't even attempt running up - you will needlessly tire yourself out for the latter part of the run. Back up to the Vidhan Sabha and right, past the lawns of the Peterhof and then descend down and go past the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and onwards past the ITI and close to the HP University- A U turn back, with a descent and then a steady ascent back up to the Ridge. Much walking will be needed and those who have acclimatized well for the altitude will be better off. Walk a lot.

With 14km over you reach the ridge and the most grueling long climb is over.

  Then starts the 8 km circumference of Jakhu hill for the half marathoners with the tough steep climb to Jakhu for the Ultra Half runners.- Clarke's Hotel - Oak Over - The CM's Residence, then the Governors Residence, then onto Forest Hill Road to Bede's Chowk. Then on the main circular road for 50m and a steep climb on the left takes you up towards Indus Hospital. It is advisable to walk on this stretch too.
Then it levels off at Upper Sanjhauli and you can relax with a descent down past the IGMC, Lakkad Bazar and a finish at the Ridge, near the Church. The 25K runners will do a ~2km climb from the top of the Indus climb, to go to the base of Jakhu temple and then run 2km down to do ~4km more than a half marathon as they then follow the remaining half marathon route.

Do not carry anything in your hands and be watchful of the monkeys on this stretch. We will have volunteers here too

See the Map and the Elevations - come prepared to stay a few days in Shimla before the run - Enjoy the fresh mountain air, the heritage and nature.


Shimla is at an average altitude of 7200 ft so if you are coming from the plains - spend a few days to acclimatize a bit. This is a tough but hugely scenic route. So don't plan on a personal best in terms of time. It's likely to be a personal best route. The looping course is full of facilities and will have opportunities for runners to 'run into each other' and cheer each other on and stop for many photo opportunities. IF you feel cold at the start - wear a couple of thin layers which you can give to a friend at the start point as you loop back at the mark. It is likely to get warmer from 8 am onwards so splash a bit of water over your head too, at the water points as you take a glug or two.

Race Rules:
Your entry is not transferable to other people and is not cancelable.
You must wear your race bib as issued, pinned on front, and must not reduce its size or modify it in any way.
Entrants must not be accompanied on the course by cyclists, vehicles, or people not entered in the event.
Participants must be over 18 years of age

  • Participants need to be at least 8 years old for the 6 km run
  • Participants need to be at least 16 years old for the 13 km run
  • Participants need to be at least 18 years old for the Half Marathon and longer
  • Race packets MUST be picked up at expo in person, else by any representative
  • Best to come in person to also get familiar with the location, parking and anything else you may need
  • Connect with others on the Facebook events page early to train together and car pool
  • No race packet pick up on race day. Race packs and bib numbers have to be picked up at the expo
  • Plan to be at the start at least 30 minutes before the start of the race as the races start on time and that is when the clock for the 21.1k, 25K and 13K  starts ticking at the gun start.
  • Certificates and medals must be collected at the finish line
  • Any race related queries must be emailed to within 2 days of the race results being put up on the website
  • No refunds of registration amount or transfer of registration
  • In the remote case of the run being cancelled due to reasons of State or Nature, beyond the control of the organisers, there will be no refund of the registration amount

Please connect with fellow runners on our facebook events pages to train and travel together to make for a more enjoyable experience

Running is a fun activity but running in a race, like engagement in any activity, also comes with attendant risks, which you should be aware of, and only then enter. shimla-01

Anyone registering for a our race should make sure that he/she is medically fit and does not have any precondition - however minor it may seem to them, that would indicate that they should not run eg being on some medication, onset of a cold or flu, not yet recovered from a flu or an injury etc.

Some runs are cross country which CAN have a incidence of ankle twisting, slipping and falling.
Some runs are at altitude which require acclimatization, and also listening to your body and heart and not pushing yourself beyond a limit. Walk when tired.
Some runs are in heat and in humidity, and require regular hydration to ensure you do NOT get dehydrated or start cramping.
Some runs are in colder weather which should also require some ingestion of salty items - sports drinks or other solids or liquids to prevent cramping.

We want you to have fun and stay safe, and do your bit towards that. shimla-02


If you are training for your 1st Half Marathon, look no further for a great schedule , 5k training program for the first timer

There are last week and last day tips to runners available at Keen_Runner.html

The final 2 weeks:Check out the last 2 week schedule at one of the training programs on our site which suits your level of training and your goals. . Remember - train well and you will finish smiling. All the very best and congratulations on your decision.

Bib pick up will be at the Marathon expo on Saturday Sep 23rd
There will be information provided on the course. So if you are planning to run, block off some time for coming to the expo - you will get to know the way to the race location and will also meet several other runners and make new friends.
The expo:
Location Ashiana Restaurant on the Ridge in Shimla
Timings 9:30 am to 2:30 pm on Saturday 23rd Sept 2017
Come at the start of the expo to make sure you get as much info and are well rested for the big day

Train from Delhi- Kalka, toy train to Shimla
Volvo buses from Delhi and Chandigarh to Shimla

Stay at Hotel Holiday Home at Shimla
Check out the several other options in Shimla and make this a family holiday too.

click on the facebook event pages at
to link up with fellow runners and plan your trip and perhaps accommodation together

shimla-03Before and at the finish:
Smile for the cameras. Hydrate and have your snack Medals will be given to each 25K, Half Marathon and 13K finisher at the finish line and a certificate with name, and timing will be handed over at the certificate counter.

Check for your photographs and tag and share them with your friends to inspire them to start running.

There will be a post run breakfast at Ashiana Restaurant to get us to have a relaxed catch up with each other and celebrate your victory over a slideshow. Cost is Rs 300pp and you can book a breakfast coupon for a friend or family member etc too if they are with you.


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Relive the experience via the photographs in the 2 albums
Album 1 - click here
Album 2 - click here

In the grueling 25K Supratim Sengupta from Noida, Stephan Van Der Merwe from Mohali and Ashish Punia from Delhi came 1st, 2nd and 3rd amongst the 20 finishers. Congratulations to all of you on a finish in a tremendously challenging course.

Kuldeep Sandhu and Ranjan Gupta - both from Shimla, came in 1st and 2nd in the Half Marathon while Nejoy Jacob from Amritsar came in 3rd
Shubhangna Kainthla from Mumbai was the sole lady finisher.

In the 14k it was a clean sweep by the participants from Shimla - Anmol Dongare, Paras Chaudhary and Jaidev Garg came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.Meenakshi Bisht from Palampur was the 1st lady finisher, Stanzin Nakdone from Shimla 2nd, and Katherine from USA finished 3rd

Rony Sharma from Shimla was 1st in the 6km run, while Anandi Van Der Merwe from Mohali was the first lady finisher.
Suvidha (70 years), Nandrani Sharma 59 and Dr Suman Trehan 74 inspired us with their finish  of the 6km run with Nitin Oza and Pravin Jadeja coming in 1st and 2nd in the senior citizens categoty above 60 years

Detailed results of 25k, 21.1k and 14k  - click here





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