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5th Mumbai Running And Living Monsoon Madness Cross Country Half Marathon at Aarey

Date : 18'th June 2017
Time : 5:30 AM

The Half Marathon and 10.55km are chip timed runs which are qualifiers for several national and international running events.

Each participant gets a racing sipper and the 10.55k and Half Marathoners get a T shirt also.

Each finisher gets a medal at the finish line. 5k finishers get their certificate at the finish and the chip timed runners get their certificates online the day after the run at
All participants MUST run with their sippers in this green area to avoid littering. Sipper refill points will be along the route every 2.5km


Running Distance Start Time Description Registration Fee
18'th Jun 2017, 06:00 AM Early bird rates Rs 850+ svc tax till Mar end, 950 + svc tax till April end,and 1050 + svc tax till May end when regn closes. Race pack pick up on Jun 17th at New Zealand Hostel at Aarey Rs. 850.00
18'th Jun 2017, 05:45 AM Early bird rates Rs 1300+ svc tax till Mar end, 1400 + svc tax till April end,and 1450 + svc tax till May end when regn closes.Race pack pick up on Jun 17th at New Zealand Hostel at Aarey Rs. 1300.00
18'th Jun 2017, 05:30 AM Early bird rates 1600+ svc tax till Mar end, 1700 + svc tax till April end,and 1850 + svc tax till May end when regn closes.Race pack pick up on Jun 17th at New Zealand Hostel at Aarey Rs. 1600.00
Dear user if you are registering for another person(Family/Friend) then create/login into his account to register them.

Link to the race route is at
Train on this course to get used to the terrain, and the humidity that you will encounter on race day.


The Runs :
• All finishers get a certificate - everyone is a winner and all race finishers  get a medal. 
• Half marathoners and 10.55km runners get their timing and certificates online at, 5km finishers get their certificates at the finish line



Our runs start on time so be punctual. mumbai-rules
Smile for the cameras

Registration is not transferable and not refundable. Train well to run safe and run well.

Registration packs need to be collected at the expo - no bib no race no cert no medal.
Get a friend or family member to come and cheer you or volunteer - we promise to keep them occupied Parking and designated spots only, please.
Come in 30 mins before the start of your race to ensure you warm up, meet some friends and have a great start.
Get as many of your family and friends to join us all at the looping course so that they can cheer you on at several points and get you to your personal best time and make it your funnest race as you see their placards, they photograph you and cheer loudly for you, as well as the other runners.

The Health Care medical team, water, toilets, sports drinks and time check will be there at various points, traffic Police – we want you safe and injury free with treatment close at hand if required. (see the map). Please call for an ambulance or aid if you ever do feel dizzy or unsteady.

The Half Marathon remains open for 3 hours from the start and timing mats will be removed as also will all water and medical stations within 3 hours from the start.

The races are chip timed BUT:
The finishers are ranked on the basis of sequence of crossing the finish line, ie if you start late and finish 2nd even though your nett time is quicker than the first placed finisher you will be declared 2nd as that is how you finished. Your certificate will however have the nett time and position based on that.






Running is a fun activity but running in a race, like engagement in any activity, also comes with attendant risks, which you should be aware of, and only then enter. If you are running the marathon especially, prepare well, for running in the heat and humidity and running with some reflective strips on your T shirt and shoes and cap and arms and a light. We want you safe. This run is in very humid weather and should also require some ingestion of salty items - sports drinks or other solids or liquids to prevent cramping and dehydration. Run with a water bottle and some salt to replenish lost salts apart from fluids.


We want you to have fun and stay safe, and do your bit towards that.
The runs are organised by runners for runners. Experience the thrill of a lifetime as you cross the finish line.
The course is up and down, scenic and green and well supported and if it is not pouring, you will be wet with your own sweat. 

 For those of you training for your first half marathon, Congratulations!
1st Half Marathon, look no further for a great schedule, 5k training program for the first timer , 10k training program for the 1st timer

There are last week and last day tips to runners available at

The final 3 weeks: Check out the last 3 week schedule at one of the training programs on our site which suits your level of training and your goals..

Remember – train well and you will finish smiling. All the very best and congratulations on your decision.
Train well for a tough run of the season. If you are based in the Mumbai come out and run during your training period on
the course too.






Bib pick up will be on Sat 17th June between 9am and 230 pm at New Zealand Hostel inside Aarey colony.
If you are planning to run, block off some time for coming here – you will get to know the way to the race location, parking spots, and will also meet several other runners and make new friends, or pick up some running gear like microfibre briefs, water proof pouches, mobile phone arm bands etc.
Come early to make sure you get as much info and are well rested for your big day.




Get onto the Aarey Road from the Western Express Highway and go on past the lake at Chhota Kashmir and turn right 200m post the parking lot past Gaon Devi Mandir (which is the start point of the race). Go down 1.3km and at the mini junction with the benches turn left and carry on another 2km further to New Zealand hostel where the race packet pick up will be. All this is also part of the run route

To reach the start point - If you are coming from the Western Express Highway Park near the lake at Chhota Kashmir or on the side roads earlier, and if you are coming from Powaii etc the last point to park is at the crossing with Panchwati dhaba and walk 300 - 500 m near Gaon Devi Mandir. PLEASE DO NOT PARK NEARER THE START POINT AS CARS WIL BE TICKETED BY THE POLICE








Link up with fellow participants and train and car pool together.
Meet up with others who stay close by and run together even after this event.
click on the facebook event pages at




mumbai-before-and-after mumbai-before-and-after

Smile for the cameras. Hydrate and have your snack of glucose biscuits and have the sports drink and water to rehydrate yourself. Medals will be given to each finisher at the finish line and a certificate with name will be handed over at the certificate counter for the 5k. 10.55k and 21.1k finishers will get their timing certificates online at

Check for photographs and the slide show of the same at the post race breakfast at Hometel in Mindspace Malad, starting at 9am.







Check your photographs and your smiles as well as your running posture and your foot strike in the four photo albums at

Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4
Additional photographs taken by Split Second Pix which are searchable by bib number

Individual Timings of 10.55 and 21.1k runs are at

 For the 5km, Amit came in first, followed by Ninad and Siddesh. In the Women’s category, Saimansa, Rekha and Pratiksha secured the top positions.
21.1k lightning bolts are as below - overall and by age group



The 10.55k super fast runners - overall and by age group are:






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