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The 7th Gurgaon Running And Living Town and Country XC Half Marathon - Aug 7th 2016

Date : 7'th August 2016
Time : 5:30 AM

Chip timed qualifier for National and International running events - Humidity, mud, rain, slush, sweat, Aravalli trail - see how tough you really are

Running Distance Start Time Description Registration Fee
14% Service Tax + 0.5% Swachh Bharat Cess + 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess Extra
7'th Aug 2016, 05:30 AM A tough run in tough conditions. Spot regn will be available at the race pack pick up at Club Florence 9-11am on Sat 6th Aug at 2500 all inclusive Rs. 2500.00
7'th Aug 2016, 05:45 AM A tough run in tough conditions. Spot regn will be available at the race pack pick up at Club Florence 9-11am on Sat 6th Aug at 2000 all inclusive Rs. 2000.00
7'th Aug 2016, 05:45 AM A tough run in tough conditions. Spot regn will be available at the race pack pick up at Club Florence 9-11am on Sat 6th Aug at 1500 all inclusive Rs. 1500.00
Sorry!! Registrations are Closed.
The runs start and finish near Club Florence on Golf Course Road Extension in Gurgaon. Given the season the roads and paths and trails are likely to be full of puddles so get ready.
The 5k run is all on road and the 10km run does around 5k of trail which includes some uphill running.
The 21K includes an 8K trail in the Aravallis - scenic and tough



  • Participants need to be at least 5 years old for the 5km run
  • Participants need to be at least 12 years old for the 10 km run
  • Participants need to be at least 18 years old for the Half Marathon
  • Race packets MUST be picked up at expo in person, else by any representative
  • Best to come in person to also get familiar with the location, parking and anything else you may need
  • Connect with others on the facebook events page early to train together and car pool
  • No race packet pick up on race day. Race packs and bib numbers have to be picked up at the expo
  • Plan to be at the start at least 30 minutes before the start of the race as the races start on time and that is when the clock for the 21.1k starts ticking at the gun start.
  • The time limit for the half marathon is 3 hours post which support of hydration and medical and volunteers will be removed. If you are currently slower than 2: 45 for a half marathon we would suggest you run a fast 10k distance and DO NOT register for the half marathon. Medals must be collected at the finish line. Certificates for 5k finishers will be given at the finish line and certificates for the timed runs will be downloadable from
  • Any race related queries must be emailed to within 2 days of the race results being put up on the website
  • No refunds of registration amount or transfer of registration
  • In the remote case of the run being canceled due to reasons of State or Nature, beyond the control of the organisers, there will be no refund of the registration amount

Please connect with fellow runners on our facebook events pages to train and travel together to make for a more enjoyable experience

marathon-8Running is a fun activity but running in a race, like engagement in any activity, also comes with attendant risks, which you should be aware of, and only then enter.

Anyone registering for this race should make sure that he/she is medically fit and does not have any precondition – however minor it may seem to them, that would indicate that they should not run eg being on some medication, onset of a cold or flu, not yet recovered from a flu or an injury etc.

This run is partly cross country which CAN have a incidence of ankle twisting, slipping and falling particularly as there may be rain and some slush etc on the path. This is not a great run for new and spotlessly clean shoes.

It is critical to listen to your body and heart and not push yourself beyond a limit especially in this humid season where you start the run sweating. Walk when tired. This run in heat and humidity requires regular hydration to ensure you do NOT get dehydrated or start cramping. Take in some extra salt too.

We want you to have fun and stay safe, and do your bit towards that.

Try and car pool while coming in - to stay green and not jam the parking area.
Baggage storage - within your own vehicle

Slow runners
- we will be there - whatever time you finish - you are the hero that day, Don't worry about anything but completing your journey that you have embarked upon
If you are training for your 1st Half Marathon, look no further for a great schedule, 10k training program for the 1st timer, 5k training program for the 1st timer

There are last week and last day tips to runners available at

The final 3 weeks: Check out the last 3 week schedule at one of the training programs on our site which suits your level of training and your goals. . Remember – train well and you will finish smiling. All the very best and congratulations on your decision.

Bib pick up will be at the Marathon expo on Saturday Aug 6th 8:00am  to 3:00 pm sharp
There will be information provided on the course. So if you are planning to run, block off some time for coming to the expo - you will get to know the way to the race location and will also meet several other runners and check out some running gear for the climatic conditions.
The expo:
Location Club Florence - Sector 56, Gurgaon -  Golf Course Extension Road
Timings 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday 6th Aug 2016
Come at the start of the expo to make sure you get as much info and are well rested for the big day

The runs start and finish from near Club Florence so park your vehicles there and use the rest rooms.

THE ROUTE ELEVATION: Start and finish at 250m. HIgh point 314m, low point 235m


So book early Plan to be at the start at least 30 minutes before the start of the race.

The runs are organised by runners for runners. Experience the thrill as you cross the finish line. The course is not flat, and is humid, and includes some cross country running, is scenic and well supported

Strengthen your ankles, get more sure footed. This stretch may test your balance and agility. The Half Marathon will remain open for 3:00 hours with Sports Drinks, Water, Max Health Care and our enthusiastic volunteer support. Beyond this -timing mats and this support will be withdrawn, so if you are currently a 2:45 half marathoner or slower and interested in this race, we would suggest you train and register for the 10K run and focus on improving your timing


The expo is near the start and finish location of the half marathon. The 10K and 5k run will also start and finish at the same location

For those coming from Delhi via the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road - as you cross Sikanderpur, cross the Bristol Hotel Round about with MegaMall on your right - That is the golf course road. Carry on down a couple of km and you will cross a round about, keep going straight and you will pass Central Park Apartments and the golf course on your left, and Ibis Hotel and later Centrum (a building with a cone) on your right. Carry on till hte end of the road and turn right at the T point - This is Golf Course Extension Road. continue straight for around 500m and Club Florence is on the right. Lots of parking around.

For those coming from Delhi via the Highway - exit at Signature Towers and turn left. Go past HUDA City Centre station and turn right after Fortis Hospital - with Fortis on your right. Go around 4-5 km past Gold Souk on your left and then HongKong Bazaar on the right. The next major crossing is Golf Course Extension road - turn left here. Club Florence is 500 m ahed on the left hand side.

Try and car pool while coming in - to stay green and not jam the parking area.


Get as many of your family and friends to join us so that they can cheer you on at several points and make it your funnest race as you see their placards, they photograph you and cheer loudly for you, as well as the other runners. Experience the serenity of rural India, early in the morning with the rooster crowing , cows mooing and the sun rising.

The Max Health Care medical team, water, toilets, sports drinks and time check will be there at various points - we want you safe and injury free with treatment close at hand if required. (see the map). Please call for an ambulance or aid if you ever do feel dizzy or unsteady.

Link up with fellow participants and train and car pool together.
Meet up with others who stay close by and run together even after this event.

click on the facebook event pages at


Smile for the cameras. Hydrate and have your snack. Medals will be given to each finisher at the finish line. Check for photographs at the breakfast after the finish. Make sure you sign up for the breakfast online while registering, else at the race pack pick up



Congratulate yourself again for finishing this grueling run and check out the event photographs
The 7th Gurgaon Running And Living Town and Country Half Marathon Aug 7th 2016
Relive your race : For photos of race day there are three albums:
 On the Trail - click here
At the start and finish and along the country road - click here
The first and last 2km - click here
Special congratulations to the super fast finishers of the 10K which included Super fast Jamni Prasad who finished in 43 minutes and Anandi Van Der Merwe who finished in 1 hour 03 minutes
 The 1st 15 finishers of the 21.1k are listed below and special congratulations to Stephan Van Der Merwe who finished in 1:43 and Rupali Tewari who crossed the line in 2:21
E mail us at to share your experiences, send us your photograph, write a poem on running or send us a question and we would love to get back to you.
Happy Running
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