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The 2nd Bangalore Running And Living Treadmill Test

Date : 4'th September 2016
Time : 6:00 AM

The runs are organised by runners for runners. Experience the thrill as you cross the finish line.

An attractive medal, certificate for each finisher .

The runs will start and finish at Decathlon - Chikkajala - near the Bangalore airport - 2km before the toll.  There is plenty of  parking space.

Running Distance Start Time Description Registration Fee
18% GST
4'th Sep 2016, 06:15 AM This is an exciting run through a village and then climbing and descending a monolith rock hill and returning, It's a breathtaking run at great location, so come with your camera and get ready to get that heart rate and breathing rate up, just like in a treadmill test!. Spot regn will be available on Sep 3rd at race pack pick up at Decathlon Chikkajala at Rs 1000/ 9-11am Rs. 1000.00
4'th Sep 2016, 06:00 AM This is an exciting run through a village and then climbing and descending a monolith rock hill and returning, It's a breathtaking run at great location, so come with your camera and get ready to get that heart rate up. And then another round of TMT. Spot regns will be available on Sep 3rd at race pack pick up at Rs1500/- at Decathlon Chikkajala 9-11am Rs. 1500.00
Sorry!! Registrations are Closed.
and the visual map of the 5k run and elevation is above. The runs start and finish at Chikkajala in this 5km loop. The 10km runners do 2 loops.



Our runs start on time so be punctual and arrive early.

Registration is not transferable and not refundable.
Train well to run safe and run well.

Registration packs need to be collected on Sat the 3rd of Sept at the race pack pick up at decathlon - Chikkajala near the airport - NO BIB - NO RUN - NO MEDAL - NO CERTIFICATE.

Come in 30 mins before the start of your race to ensure you warm up, meet some friends and have a great start.

Get as many of your family and friends to join us all at the looping course so that they can cheer you on at several points and get you to your personal best time and make it your funnest race as you see their placards, they photograph you and cheer loudly for you. Maybe some of them can hand out medals and certs at the finish line

The medical team, water, sports drinks and time check will be there at various points, - we want you to be safe and injury free with basic treatment close at hand if required.

Please call for aid if you ever do feel dizzy or unsteady.


For those of you training for your first 5k or 10k, Congratulations!
Check out a world class schedule for 1st timers  by Hal Higdon – noted marathoner and race training guru

If you are training - here are some great programs to get you to a flying start - 5k training program for the first timer , 10k training program for the 1st timer
There are last week and last day tips to runners available at

The final 3 weeks: Check out the last 3 week schedule at one of the training programs on our site which suits your level of training and your goals.Remember – train well and you will finish smiling. All the very best and congratulations on your decision.



Running is a fun activity but running in a race, like engagement in any activity, also comes with attendant risks, which you should be aware of, and only then enter.

Prepare well, for running in the outdoors and on uneven trail. Train to run uphill or up - stairs. Wear shoes that wont slip on the rock in case it rains.

We want you to have fun and stay safe, and you need to do your bit towards that.

bangalore-running-06Each runner will get a running T Shirt

Bib pick up will be at the Marathon mini expo on Sat Sep 3rd between 9am and 2pm at Decathlon at Chikkajala - 2km before the toll plaza before the Bangalore Airport - you can look it up on Google Maps. Connect with fellow participants on the 2 Fb events set up  (Links in the train and travel together tab). Carpool and perhaps pick up a bib for a friend or get yours picked up by someone you know who stays closer to the venue.

If you are planning to run, block off some time for coming to the expo - you will get to know the way to the race location and will also meet several other runners and make new friends. And also check out tons of stuff and the COOL Decathlon store - The largest in the country, with the widest range.

bangalore-running-04Take the Highway to the airport and after Yelahanka and Jakkur, look out for a grey stone hill on the left of the highway which is being mined, and a brown stone hill on the other side of the highway. Chikkjala is at the base of the latter hill which has a temple on top. You cant miss the huge white Decathlon store on the right of the Expressway.

The Runs :
• All finishers get a certificate - everyone is a winner and all finishers get a medal and certificate

bangalore-running-05Link up with fellow participants and train and car pool together.
Meet up with others who stay close by, carpool, pick up race packs of others, and run together even after this event.
click on the facebook event pages at


bangalore-running-07Smile for the cameras. Hydrate and have your snack
Medals will be given to each finisher at the finish line and a certificate with name, and timing will be handed over at the certificate counter. Check for photographs and mementos at the finish.

Post the finish and post race party:
Congratulate yourself again and look for photographs at



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