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The 5th Panchkula Running And Living Cross Country Marathon Jan 4th 2015

Date : 3'rd January 2015
Time : 7:00 AM
Running Distance Start Time Description Registration Fee
(12.36% Service Tax Extra)
4'th Jan 2015, 07:00 AM Chip timed run with T shirt - regn fee (svc tax extra) 1300 till Sep 30th, 1400 till Oct 31st and 1500 till Nov 30th when regn close - book now - why pay more Rs. 1300.00
4'th Jan 2015, 08:00 AM Chip timed run with T shirt - regn fee (svc tax extra) 1100 till Sep 30th, 1200 till Oct 31st and 1300 till Nov 30th when regn close - book now - why pay more Rs. 1100.00
4'th Jan 2015, 08:30 AM Chip timed run with T shirt - regn fee (svc tax extra) 900 till Sep 30th, 1000 till Oct 31st and 1100 till Nov 30th when regn close - book now - why pay more Rs. 1000.00
4'th Jan 2015, 08:30 AM Run with T shirt - regn fee (svc tax extra) 600 till Sep 30th, 700 till Oct 31st and 800 till Nov 30th when regn close - book now - why pay more Rs. 600.00
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No refunds of registration amountpanchkula-run-01
No transfer or refund on cancellation of registration :

Our runs are for fun and building communities of positive minded people. We have no cash awards

  • All runs start and finish at North Park Hotel
  • All runners to assemble 30 minutes before the race, at the start point for a warm up
  • All full and half marathon finishers get a medal and a certificate with their timing
  • All other finishers get a medal and a certificate - everyone is a winner


The fee for the runs includes a race T. There will be a Brunch at North Park Hotel with a slide show of the photographs of the day post the run for the participants which is optional at a cost of Rs 300 per person. All finishers get a certificate and a medal. The runs are organised by runners for runners. Experience the thrill as you cross the finish line. The course is reasonably flat, cold and likely to be misty, scenic and well supported

Strengthen your ankles, get more sure footed. This stretch may test your balance and agility. The Marathon will remain open for 6:00 hours from 7 am to 1pm with Sports Drinks, Water, Alchemist Hospital Care and our enthusiastic volunteer support.

The brunch will be from 10 am to 1pm also at the scenic North Park Hotel
Get as many of your family and friends to join us so that they can cheer you on at several points and make it your funnest race as you see their placards, they photograph you and cheer loudly for you, as well as the other runners. Experience the serenity of the wide open spaces in India, early on a misty morning with the sun rising, and greenery all around

The Alchemist Hospitals medical team, The Elemention team will be there with water and will take you through a warm up session before your run, toilets, sports drinks and time check will be there at various points - we want you safe and injury free with treatment close at hand if required. (see the map). Please call for an ambulance or aid if you ever do feel dizzy or unsteady.

Bib pick up will be at the Marathon expo on Jan 3rd Fridaypanchkula-run-06
There will be information provided on the course. So if you are planning to run, block off some time for coming - you will get to know the way to the race location and will also meet several other runners and make new friends.


The expo:
Location North Park Hotel, North of Nada Sahib Gurudwara, Panchkula.
Timings 9 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday 3rd Jan 2015
Come at the start of the expo to make sure you get as much info and are well rested for the big day
Try and car pool while coming in - to stay green and not jam the parking area.   
The EXPO will include rich information provided by
  • All about running - Q & A on the course, water and sports drink stops, toilets, first aid and more - last days do's and don'ts and anything else
  • Sales of water bottle belts, running shorts and innerwear and mobile phone arm bands

Link with others who are likely to be going for the run and connect with them on our facebook event pages. Train at Panchkula if you can to get used to the conditions including the terrain and weather.
Click on or

panchkula-run-02panchkula-run-03Smile for the cameras. Hydrate and have your snack Medals and certificates will be given to each finisher at the finish line and a certificate with name, and timing (for half marathoners) will be handed over at the certificate counter. Check for photographs and mementos at the breakfast after the finish.


Congratulate yourself again and check out the event photographs For photos of race day check out the 2 albums at our facebook panchkula-run-04community page

It was cold at 4 degrees centigrade when the Marathon run was flagged off at 7am sharp. 19 brave souls braved the cold, the mist and the cross country route along the trail to start their 42.2km journey. The run was flagged off by the coach of Indresh Dhiraj who ultimately came 2nd overall and 1st in the womens category. 70 year old Tripat Singh finished in an incredible time of 4:37, as did Anuj Kumar who came 1st at 3:03 in the full marathon. Tarik Khan from Ottowa came in 3rd.

Major DP Singh - the smiling blade runner who is a Kargil war hero came and gave an inspirational and short talk to the runners before taking off to run the 21.1km tough trail run himself. He finished after 7 falls he said - with a characteristic smile. Amazing! Sanyukta Jadhav and Sunita Malik came 1st and 2nd in the womens category.panchkula-run-05

In the 5km run Arshdeep, Pankaj and Rewati Singh did phenomenally well to come in the 1st 3 positions and in the 10km event, Mohit and Naveen ran at a blistering pace to finish in 44 minutes while Karim Khan also from Ottawa came in 3rd.

Roopak Chadha had a nasty slip and a huge gash at the 13km mark and post medical attention, refused to stop and ultimately finished his full marathon in 6:11. There was so much inspiration provided by so many here, that many at the finish said, when they felt like quitting, they just looked at some of their inspirational fellow runners, and continued.Family members were giving out certificates and handing out medals to the finishers at the finish line, some of the Challenging ONes (amputee runners with Major DP Singh) flagged off the half marathon run and all in all, everyone had an energising and inspirational morning in a scenic and fun running event.

For more information and photographs contact Rahul Verghese at 9810730132

Half Marathon:
Rank Chest # Name Time
1st 332 Hari Chouhan 1:22
2nd 388 Vinod Joshi 1:22
3rd 365 Ram Swaroop 1:23
3rd 378 Subhash Kumar 1:23
1st 372 Sanyukta Jadhav 2:01
2nd 494 Sunita Malik 2:10
Full Marathon:
Rank Chest # Name Time
1st 22 Anuj Kumar 3:03
2nd 06 Indresh Dhiraj 3:54
3rd 18 Tarik Khan 3:59
1st 22 Indresh Dhiraj 3:54
Above 60 years:
1st 19 Tripat Singh 4:37
1st 1025 Mohit Kumar Satpal 0;41
2nd 1026 Naveen Kumar 0:41
3rd 1021 Karim Khan 0:58
1st 2006 Arshdeep Singh 0:24
2nd 2024 Pankaj Ahlawat 0:24:30
3rd 2028 Rewati Singh Jatav 0:26

For Detailed results of the Half Marathon Click Here

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